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 I think everyone should have tangible copies of their favourite wedding photos, whether that be through prints or a photo album. You will receive hundreds of digital photos from your wedding day so it's a great idea to put your favourite ones in an album so you can go back and look at them.

blue suede wedding photo album with gold foil date on the front on wooden table
wedding photo album on wooden table


  • 10x10" or 12x8" Album

  • 20 spreads (40 pages), including up to 90 photos. 

  • High quality printing on thick, rigid pages.

  • Design process handled by me.

  • 18 different suede colour options for the cover.

  • Engraving or foil options for the front cover text.

  • Extra spreads are £15 each.


If you order an album with me all you have to do is favourite the photos you want on your online gallery. I will handle the design and ordering process for you. Lots of people want an album but never get round to it because life gets busy. The main reason to get an album is to future proof them by having a tangible copy of your photos. USBs and technology is changing all the time, physical albums and prints will always be safe with you. If you've seen your grandparents or parents wedding album you will know how special they are to show future generations. The best way to enjoy your photos and relive the day is to view them as a story through the pages in your album.

If you'd like to order an album or view a sample album send me an email.

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