10 useful things I bring to a wedding

I like to be prepared going into any wedding, I am a photographer but I'm also there to help in anyway I can. I've been to a lot more weddings than the bride usually has so I bring some extra things with me that I've found to be useful.

  1. Scissors - for cutting tags or loose cotton from the dress.

  2. Plasters - for blisters or cuts.

  3. A crochet hook - to do up the buttons on the bride's dress.

  4. Pins - for pinning buttonholes to suit jackets.

  5. Bubbles - for entertaining kids and getting them to smile.

  6. A speaker - I bring this with me when doing couple portraits to make you more relaxed.

  7. White umbrellas - incase it rains and we still want to get lovely outdoor portraits.

  8. A hanger - most brides forget to get a nice hanger for their dress shot so I bring one.

  9. A clamp - to hold the back of the dress together to give it some shape when hung up.

  10. Tissues - for happy tears.

There's always lots of little things you can easily forget or not realise you need so it's good to always be prepared. Over time I have noticed what people often forget, so now for every wedding I come armed with skills like how to tie a tie and a bag full of things they might need. I learnt how to do a Windsor knot after my first wedding doing groom prep as I found out most men only know how to do a school tie knot. I also often have to do their buttonholes as it can be tricky to do but I'm always happy to help.

bride and groom walking with white umbrella at vaulty manor