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Shoreham Beach Engagement Shoot

I had an amazing engagement shoot with Laura and Harry on Shoreham-by-Sea Beach. They chose this location as it's their local beach, they have a house together a short walk away. We were super lucky that sunset and low tide were at the same time on the day of the shoot, the beach looks so nice at low tide. We went for a walk bare foot on the sand, the water was cold but they guys were up for it.

Sussex engagement photo shoot on the beach
engagement shoot on brighton beach at low tide
engagement shoot on brighton beach sunset
couple holding hands on the sand at sussex beach shoot
engagement shoot at low tide and sunset in sussex
couple on shoreham beach at low tide

They headed over to some rocks on the beach to sit down together. We talked about their wedding plans, they are getting married in Lewes in July which is so exciting. They're having an outdoor ceremony where guests will be sitting on hay bales and the Bride and Groom will be standing in front of an origami backdrop handmade by the Bride. This is a personal touch as they got engaged in Japan so they wanted incorporate a piece of Japan into their day.

engagement shoot, couple sitting on the rocks on Shoreham by sea beach
couple sitting on rocks on shoreham beach

Like a lot of couples, Harry and Laura don't like having their photo taken, however they embraced the shoot and just enjoyed each others company which is the best way to ignore the camera. Doing things that are natural to you can help you be comfortable in front of camera as well, like walking on the beach, cuddling on the rocks, being silly together etc.

sussex engagement and wedding photographer
couple walking on sussex beach for engagement shoot
young couple photoshoot on sussex beach
engagement shoot on shoreham by sea beach in sussex
young couple engagement shoot on shoreham beach
young couple in shoreham beach at sunset hugging

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