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Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas

As most weddings have a 3 course meal, a lot of the wedding cake usually goes to waste. Guests might take some home but it's a huge expense for something that might not even get eaten. So instead of the traditional 3 tier wedding cake I have some alternatives that might be better.

One Tier Cake

A simple alternative; a smaller cake! This one tier cake is great because the bride and groom can still do the traditional cake cut but it won't go to waste. If your guests have got a separate dessert then they won't be worried about having cake as well, they will be busy enjoying the dance floor, hopefully leaving you and your family some cake to enjoy the following day.

one tier wedding cake, naked wedding cake, at hendall manor barns East Sussex

Donut Tower/ Donut Wall

This one is becoming increasingly popular as it looks amazing and everyone loves donuts! It's a great alternative for couples who don't like cake or if they just want something easier for people to grab throughout the night. Donut towers always go down a treat. The one in the photo below is a 216 piece tower from Krispy Kreme which is £355 and includes the stand. You can of course buy or hire a stand or wall and create your own with other donuts.

Krispy Kreme wedding tower at stanhill court hotel in Surrey
Krispy Kreme wedding tower at stanhill court hotel in Surrey

Welsh Cake Tower

I suppose you could make a tower out of any of your favourite treats but I loved this welsh cake one I saw at a wedding, it looked so elegant with the flowers. It's definitely a unique idea for a wedding cake alternative. Other options could include macaron or profiterole towers.

welsh cake wedding cake alternative at London wedding

Dessert Grazing Table

Grazing tables are becoming very popular and it's not hard to see why; they're stunning! It would be like a dessert buffet so it wouldn't be suitable if you were having a three course meal but it would be good for evening food or weddings having buffet food. The great thing about grazing tables is that you can have so many different types of desserts on there, you're not stuck with one option, there will be something for everyone.

dessert table at Cottesmore golf club wedding in sussex

Cheese Tower

This is a really cool option for couples who prefer savoury over sweet. Cheese towers are great to serve cheese boards as your dessert. I think this type of 'cake' suits rustic weddings. Cheese also has a much longer shelf life than cake so it shouldn't go to waste. Another savoury one I've seen is a pork pie tower.

cheese tower wedding cake, wedding cake alternatives

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