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Wedding Favours that won't get wasted

Wedding favours are a lovely idea, it's like giving each of your guests a little gift to say thank you for coming to your special day. However, they can be wasted and forgotten which is why a lot of couples are opting for favours which can be consumed or used again.

Edible favours which double as place cards

Edible favours like sweets or iced biscuits are a great idea. You can double up iced biscuits as place cards if you put their names on them, I've also seen personalised love hearts, this reduces waste and costs as you kill two birds with one stone.

iced biscuit wedding favour place cards at elmley nature reserve wedding venue, non wasteful wedding favours
personalised love hearts used as wedding favours and place cards

Mini Alcoholic Shots

Another one which can be consumed is a shot of alcohol, these are great and are often used for everyone to do a toast to the bride and groom. You could add a tag to them saying 'take a shot, we tied the knot' or 'let the fun be-gin!'. You will have to double check if your venue allows this though, you don't want to pay corkage fees on mini bottles of alcohol.

man pouring a shot into a glass for a wedding toast, mini alcohol bottles as wedding favours

Charity Pins

This idea is to buy favours from a charity that you support. One wedding I was at had red lips and moustache pins from Cancer Research UK which is a charity close to a lot of peoples hearts. The guests can wear the pins and support the cause.

cancer research uk charity pins for wedding favours


Anything edible will go down well with guests. The photo below shows M&Ms in a little glass jar with the tag 'Love is sweet, enjoy a treat'. This idea is fairly inexpensive and looks great, you can buy the jars from amazon, hobbycraft, wilko etc. or ask local cafes that use them to save the empty jars up for you. Other edible options are chocolates, iced biscuits, lolly pops, macaroons, cake pops, fudge, cupcakes, mints etc.

mini jars of sweets as wedding favours with the label love is sweet, wedding favours that wont get wasted
sweets in a mini jam jar, inexpensive wedding favours,
rnli wellie boot shaped iced biscuit as wedding favours showing the bride and grooms favourite things


I think that giving people packs of seeds as wedding favours is a lovely idea as they are small so they can fit them in their pocket, take them home and plant them. When the flowers eventually grow they will be reminded of the fun they had at your wedding. Seeds are very cheap and you can easily DIY these by getting little paper packets and a stamp. These would be great for spring and summer weddings.

packs of seeds, cheap wedding favour ideas, let love grow

Photo by Samantha Brancato Photography

Luggage Tags

This idea is great for destination weddings where you know your guests will be flying or if you're having a travel themed wedding. These are great as your guests can use them for years to come on their holidays.

luggage tags wedding favours for travel themed weddings or destination weddings

Photo from Letter and Leather

I hope this gives you a few ideas to think about for your own wedding favours.


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