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What I do on a wedding day

This is for my clients and potential clients to see how I work on a wedding day. I only have one package which is full day, this is because I don't want to miss anything, I think it's nice to have the whole day captured not just the ceremony.

So staring at bridal prep, I will come in and introduce myself to everyone first so they feel comfortable with me being there and then I'll take some photos of everyone having their hair and makeup done. I will ask you to leave out your accessories for me such as your flowers, shoes, jewellery, rings if you have them, and anything else you'd like photographed so I can get the detail shots done whilst people are getting ready. If you would like a flat lay of your wedding stationery bring a copy of the invites with you. Also if you have your dress ready hanging on a nice hanger then I can find somewhere good to photograph it. Hangers are usually something that get forgotten but can make such a difference to the photo, I usually bring one just incase you only have the wire/plastic hanger from the shop. I will take the usual documentary style photos but I will set up some important photos like someone doing up the back of your wedding dress and if we have time some group shots of you and your bridal party.

bride getting ready in Arundel West Sussex
bride details at hendall manor barns uckfield

If both partners are getting ready at the same venue I will switch between the two getting photos of both of them. If not you may want a second shooter. I shoot them both in a similar way, documenting the groomsmen getting ready, usually just putting their tie/ bow tie on, their jacket, cufflink etc. and I'll do detail shots beforehand of the rings, shoes, tie, aftershave, cufflinks, watch and anything else important to them. Then if we have time it's always nice to get a group shot before the ceremony.

groom getting ready at apton hall wedding

For the ceremony depending on the space and lighting I will either stand at the front by the side of the registrars or at the back of the aisle. If I do have to stand at the back please make sure you face each other so I can see you. After the vows and ring exchange I will take a few photos of you signing the register and then you exiting the room as a newly married couple.

pangdean barn outdoor wedding reception brighton

My style is very much documentary, I will try to blend in with the guests and capture natural interactions. The only parts of the day that aren't documentary are the group shots and couple shots, I will ask you for a list of group shots before the wedding, it's a part of the questionnaire I send out. This is so we can get them done quickly and easily, I recommend having 10 or less group shots as they can take some time to set up and I don't want you to spend too much time away from your guests. It also helps to have an usher or someone who knows both sides of the family to help gather everyone needed for each shot. We generally do these during the drinks reception, sometimes straight after the ceremony if you've got two different venues. Then I will take the Bride and Groom off for a few couple shots, it won't take longer than 15 minutes. I'll generally get you to walk together holding hands, I'll give some direction on where to stand and then see how you interact naturally. I try to make it as relaxed as possible as I know most people don't like having their photo taken.

bride and bridesmaids at pangdean barn wedding
bride and groom walking in field at pangdean barn brighton

Then my favourite part, the drinks reception where I get most of my candid images. Lots of people laughing, playing games, talking etc. I try my best to get images of every guest but if you have a lot of guests this would be a good reason to have a second shooter so we have a better chance of capturing everyone. I will be walking around, blending in with the guests, looking out for funny or heart felt moments.

wedding guests laughing at stock brook manor

During the wedding breakfast I will photograph you entering, the table details and then I'll have a break to eat. I don't take photos of people eating but I'll take photos of your guests interacting with each other. During the speeches I try my best to stay out of the way of the guests so they can see the speakers, depending on the size and layout of the room I will try to move around to get the speakers, the main table and the guests reactions. After the food is finished I will get more candids of the guests and additional evening guests.

dad during wedding speeches at Mercure hotel brighton

In the evening reception after the cake cut and first dance I will capture all of the dance floor chaos. I usually use a flash for the dance floor as it's normally very dark. I love this part of the day as everyone is more relaxed after a few drinks and they're excited to get up and dance.

couple dancing on the dance floor at hedingham castle wedding

I will do everything I can to help you enjoy your day. I'm not going to stress about timings or when things don't go to plan. I've been to a lot of weddings so anything you need you can come to me. I can help with Windsor knot ties, buttonholes, veils, doing up dresses, entertaining kids with bubbles etc. I am always free to give my couples advice leading up to the wedding day, it doesn't have to be photography related.



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