How to plan for your Engagement Shoot

Updated: Apr 25

I encourage my couples to do an engagement shoot if they feel like they'd benefit from get comfortable in front of camera as it will make them feel much more relaxed on their wedding day. It's also a great chance to meet your photographer before the wedding to see how you work together.

couple shoot at west wittering beach in West Sussex

Make It Personal

It's your chance to have photos that really reflect you as a couple so choose a location you both love and wear what you're comfortable in. It's way easier to get great photos when the couple are genuinely having fun. Bring your pets if you want to get them involved, I love it when couples bring their dog to a shoot, it puts them at ease and makes the shoot really fun.

Location Ideas

  • Where you got engaged

  • Where you first met / had your first date

  • Somewhere you love to go together

  • Your favourite cafe / shop

  • Your home

  • Your local beach / park / woods

  • A funfair

  • Around the city/ town you live in

For example the photos below are of Scott and Laura. Scott grew up in West Wittering and would frequently visit the beach with friends and family, he also had a job in the cafe on the beach when he was younger. They now live in Portsmouth but wanted their engagement shoot on West Wittering beach, not only because it's beautiful but because it means something to him. They bought their puppy to the shoot as well.

couple with their dog sitting on the sand dunes at west wittering beach
engaged couple kissing on west wittering beach at sunrise
couple kissing by the sea at west wittering beach west sussex photographer


You could go out for ice cream or pizza, have a picnic on the beach, drink beers, pop a bottle of Champagne, anything to add something extra to your photos is always a good idea. It can help you relax as well if you feel nervous having your photo taken.

For example Daisie and Micky had a beautiful picnic table set up by Set and Style on the beach. Micky is very nervous but having something to do during the shoot put him at ease. They had a charcuterie board and a bottle of Prosecco.

how to plan your engagement shoot, couples shoot on west wittering beach
picnic photoshoot on west wittering beach West Sussex
couples romantic picnic on West Sussex beach


Golden hour is the best time of day for a shoot which is just before sunset. Sunrise is also a great time as you get lovely soft light and pink skies, you just have to be up for an early start. Your photographer will be able to advise you what time they think is best, just know that overcast days are actually great for photos so don't worry if the sun isn't out during your shoot.

Have Fun

Try to have fun and be yourselves. If you feel like you might be a bit stiff and awkward try moving around; walking, twirling, running, piggy backs, dancing, anything to get you more comfortable. It's all about having fun with your partner so don't worry about looking silly.

couple dancing on the beach in West Sussex
young couple on west wittering beach at sunset
couple photography on west wittering beach West Sussex